Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sony Mobile may announce different version of Xperia Z Ultra On July 4 in Paris

Sony Xperia Z Ultra the world's slimmest and largest smartphone was announced yesterday in China.But wait according to recent reports there may be another variant of Xperia Z ultra which is expected to be showcased on July 4 in Paris.

So Sony Mobile event in France is different from event held in Mobile Asia Expo held in China

The Chinese version of xperia Z ultra comes without dedicated camera button,but the international variant will comes with dedicated button and it maybe possible this version also comes with flashlight.

The news came out from a press invitation image which is going to held on July 4 in Paris.In this image there are two side covers shown and there is also dedicated camera button.While in chinese version of Xperia Z there is only one cover and no dedicated camera button

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