Monday, August 19, 2013

Sony 10 inch Tablet and 4 inch Smartphone are under development:Sony Planning Board

Yesterday there was rumor about 4.3 inch Honami mini which is going to be launched by the year's end and Today a news directly came from Sony Planning Board which hints that development of 10 inch tablet and 4 inch smartphone is under progress

In an interview with Japanese Business Publication House,Sony Board member Kurozumi Yoshiro which is involved in line-up of Xperia Planning said that to fulfill the needs of every user is just impossible but in future we are going to introduce devices in various sizes particularly 4 and 5 inch smartphone and 10 inch tablet as there is great demand in these sizes.
10 inch Tablet is hinting toward Successor of Xperia Tablet Z and 4 inch smartphone hints towards Honami mini

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