Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rumor:Cheap iPhone to Cost $349 for 16GB variant

Cheap iPhone or Apple's lower cost iPhone price has been leaked.The device comes with price tag of $349 for 16GB variants while for 32GB variant the price will be $449 while for 64GB the price will be $549

Cheap iPhone is being manufactured by Pegatron and it will come with plastic body and will comes in multicolour options and is similar that of iPhone 5 but having rounded corners.It is mainly targeted for emerging markets like India,China and Brazil.
The prices are according to previous rumors,as in past pegatron chairman said that Apple's next Cheap iPhone is not that much cheaper as you all expected,it will be priced reasonable

It is cleared from past news that Apple is under pressure to release cheaper devices,so as to capture the market share and with this price tag it is almost cleared that device is aimed at mid-range market which is entirely dominated by Android Devices and at this price tag Apple may scale down its Specs sheet but it is still expected that Apple will offer a great design and better user experience

Cheap iPhone(Apple's lower cost iPhone) is expected to be launched in September

Sony Xperia i1 Honami Press Images Leaked,Comes with 20Mpx Camera

Sony Xperia i1 Honami official press images has been leaked,According from Leaked Sources the device comes with massive 20Mpx camera which can record 4K videos which will be first in any smartphone and IOS upto 12800.

The leaked images shows the international version and Japanese Version of Honami.From the leaked images it looks like an aluminium frame,But sadly no image of rear has been leaked.

There is no official date for the monstrous handset but it expected to be showcased on July 4 at France

Rumored Specifications of Xperia i1 Honami

  1. 5 inch Full HD triluminous display with X-reality engine
  2. Snapdragon 800 chipset with adreno 330 GPU
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. 16GB/32GB internal storage with microSD support
  5. 20Mpx camera with Xenon Flash and steadyshot features with capability of recording 4K videos and ISO settings 12800,2.2Mpx front camera
  6. Dustproof/waterproof and shock proof
  7. Bluetooth 4.0
  8. Miracast Wifi
  9. Pedometer sensor
  10. Metal and glass body
  11. Dedicated camera button
  12. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  13. MX audio chip
  14. NFC and LTE Support
  15. 3000mAH battery

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth Tablet clears the FCC certfiication

Huawei Mediapad 7 youth,the budget tablet from Huawei Clears the FCC certification.The tablet will be the successor of Huawei Mediapad 7 lite.

Mediapad 7 youth is a 7 inch tablet with battery capacity of 4000mAh,there is no rear camera present on tablet and which clear is that it is meant for students only.Other specifications include Bluetooth 2.1,Wifi and GPS Support.Rest of the specifications are unknown but we don't expect any miracle in specifications


Samsung Galaxy Note III with Flexible OLED in the works?

Few Days ago,there was a news from korean sources that Samsung is parallelly developing two variants of Samsung Galaxy Note III one with Full HD Amoled Display and other with IPS LCD Screen.Now another news came out from Korean sources that there is third variant of Galaxy Note III which will comes with Flexible OLED display.

The idea to apply Flexible OLED displays on upcoming phablet came after the declining sales of Samsung galaxy S4 and also to showcase the world Samsung will still innovate such product and it could become a first smartphone maker to develop flexible OLED Display
The production of flexible OLED display will start in August and is expected to be launched in September.

If the rumor about Flexible OLED display is true then it would be a great step as companies like Sony already announced Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC Rumored HTC One Max will also launch this year

Friday, June 28, 2013

LG-D505 First camera samples leaked,Confirms 8Mpx Camera

LG-D505 a mid range smartphone from LG which is expected to be released on August 7 along with LG optimus G2 and LG Optimus L9II first camera samples leaked online.

The image has been clicked by 8mpx shooter having resolution 2448*3264 with aspect ratio 4:3 and having 2.4 aperture.
The handset was also leaked in the past multiple times.It was first leaked in Upnp Forums

and next time it is confirmed by UserAgentProfile.

The handset comes in two variants,D-500 is single sim variant while D-5-5 is dual sim variant

Specifications of D-505 are:

  1. 1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor
  2. 960*540 display resolution
  3. 8Mpx camera
  4. Android 4.1.2
  5. GSM/WCDMA/LTE Support
  6. Wi-fi a/b/g/n
  7. Bluetooth 4.0

Google Edition Huawei Ascend P6 is in Progress

Few days ago,Google play editions of Samsung S4 and HTC one are launched and both of them are much better with Stock Android.Now in upcoming days we may see the Google play edition of Huwaei Ascend P6

The news came out from Kewin Ho,President of the handset product division at Huawei and he said that Huawei is collaborating with Google to create a Google play edition of the phone which will run on stock android.

But the above statement of Kewin Ho.appears contradicting as Huawei's Chairman Richard Yu said at the launch event of Huawei Ascend P6 that Huawei emotion was better with many improvements over the Google's Android Experience


Bug in Facebook Application on Android Sent the Personal Information to Facebook Servers without Your permission

According to Norton Mobile Insights,Facebook Application running on Android has send your Mobile number to Facebook Servers,without the permission of users

When you first start the Facebook application,even if you are not logged in your mobile number is sent to Facebook servers.Norton also said if a users didn't have any Facebook account and user opens app,his mobile number is also sent to servers.

According to Google Play more than 700 million users has downloaded this app and most of the users are affected by this problem.

Norton sends this report to facebook Inc. and the company replied that problem will be solved out in next release and they even said the telephone numbers are not of their use,So they were deleted immediately from servers


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III may comes with LCD instead of Super Amoled Display

Korean Media have reported that in some models of Galaxy Note III we may see LCD instead of Super Amoled.

The main reason for LCD is that the production of Super Amoled Display has reached its critical stage,where demand is more than Supply and if they use other plants to increase production,it will effect the production of panels for TV.

So due to less production,Samsung will think of alternatives and to use LCD for their upcoming phablet and it is expected that only 10% of Galaxy Note III may comes with LCD

LCD panels is likely to be sourced from Sharp in which Samsung Electronics has little stake 

Samsung Galaxy Note III may comes with Snapdragon 800 chipset which supports LTE advanced and is expected to be released at IFA2013 held in Berlin

iPhone Compatible Smartwatch showcased by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.(FoxConn Technology Group)

Hon hai Precison Industry Co. Ltd which is trading as Foxconn Technology group(world's biggest electronics contract manufacturer) and also known as Apple's main manufacturer showcased a smartwatch which is compatible with iPhone.

The main function of smartwatch is to check phone calls and Facebook posts besides this it will also provide medical benefits such as it will measures heartbeat and checks problems during respiration.
While in the future plans,fingerprint recognition technology will also be part of gadget.

With this step it is almost cleared that Foxconn wants to reduce its dependence on manufacturing products for Apple and will focus on developing new technologies with their own rights and properties.As According to rumors,Apple will also launch iWatch,later this year

Foxconn earnings in the first half is not much impressive and sales are down by 12.6% from the beginning of year to may 2013.The main reason which is expected as Apple didn't launch any product in first half and fierce competition from Samsung.

Foxconn is expecting that this smartwatch will be next driver of revenue growth


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sony Mobile may announce different version of Xperia Z Ultra On July 4 in Paris

Sony Xperia Z Ultra the world's slimmest and largest smartphone was announced yesterday in China.But wait according to recent reports there may be another variant of Xperia Z ultra which is expected to be showcased on July 4 in Paris.

So Sony Mobile event in France is different from event held in Mobile Asia Expo held in China

The Chinese version of xperia Z ultra comes without dedicated camera button,but the international variant will comes with dedicated button and it maybe possible this version also comes with flashlight.

The news came out from a press invitation image which is going to held on July 4 in Paris.In this image there are two side covers shown and there is also dedicated camera button.While in chinese version of Xperia Z there is only one cover and no dedicated camera button

Motorola Moto X(XT1058) camera sample leaked again

The first Joint Google-Motorola handset code named X phone camera samples has been leaked.This is not the first time that camera sample for Motorola Moto X(XT1058) has been leaked.

Motorola XT1058 will be compatible with AT&T LTE bands and NFC,According to the previous rumors the specifications are 4.7 inch display with 1196*720 resolution which hints towards onscreen navigational buttons,1.7Ghz Dual Core MSM8960 Pro Chipset,2GB RAM,16GB internal storage,Android 4.2.2,4G LTE supported,10Mpx rear camera and 2Mpx front camera and removable battery

From the image it is expected that shot is taken during sunset and picture must be clear but it is sad to see that picture is not much clear,it may be possible that this is due to 2.4 aperture,which can't pull enough light, and According to Exif file the resolution of image is 4320*2432 with 16:9 aspect ratio

Motorola Moto X(XT1058) is expected to be released on August 1

Photo sample leaked in past:

Thanks for the tip

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red and Blue Coloured Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A leaks

Actual images of Red and Blue Coloured Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A leaks.LTE-A is found to be engraved on the back of phone and it is also seen in the booting process.

The smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 800 chipset(Qualcomm's most powerful chipset till date).Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A is no doubt the leader in benchmark results.

LTE-Advanced is an upgradation of LTE,it will offer double speed than LTE.According to Samsung a movie which will takes 3 minutes to download on LTE,will take slightly more than 1 minute on LTE advanced

The smartphone can transfer data at 150Mbps during downloading and 50Mbps during uploading.It is first launched by SK Telecom in Korea

Samsung loses almost loses almost $20 billion due to prediction of lower sales of Galaxy S4.So company is expecting to recover losses with LTE advanced version of Galaxy S4

The price of LTE advanced version is slightly higher than normal version and is expected to be announced in this week

Thanks anonymous tipster

Rumor:Cheap iPhone will be launched on September 18 while iPhone 5S will be launched on September 27

From the past leaks,it was almost clear that Cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S will be announced in September but now the release date of the next iterations of iPhone are Confirmed

Apple to announce the cheap iPhone on September 18 and iPhone 5S will be announced on September 27 while iOS 7 will be officially released on September 25

The same sources also confirms that Apple will follow the last year format and after the iPhone event,there is event for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

Gold,Rose Gold and Platinum Plated HTC One is now available

HTC one,one of the best smartphone available in the market is now available in Gold,Rose Gold and Platinum Plated Body

The phone is available at Goldegenie a well known luxurious brand specialized in Gold Plating.This is definitely a ultimate premium finish for phone.

The price of the Gold plated phone is not obvious cheap.Gold version comes with price tag of £1895,Rose Gold variant is offered at £1995 while platinum variant is offered at £2095

Rest of the specifications of Phone are same

Huawei Honor 3/Glory 3(HN3-U01) Full Exposure leaked,Comes with price tag of 1999yuan

Huawei Honor 3/Glory3(HN3-U01) images has been surfaced.From the images the phone looks like smaller versions of Huawei Ascend D2

Specifications of Huawei Honor 3/Glory3(HN3-U01)

  1. Huawei own K3V2 1.5Ghz Quad Core CPU
  2. 4.7 inch display with 720p resolution
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. 8GB internal storage
  5. 13Mpx rear camera and 1 Mpx Front camera
  6. Android 4.2.2 with Huawei Own Emotion 1.6
  7. waterproof and dustproof
  8. equipped with infrared,which can be used to control home appliances
  9. Dimensions: 133.0 × 67.2 × 9.9mm and weighs 138 grams
  10. Communication system is compatible with 1900/1800/900/850 MHz (I) / 900 (VIII) MHz, GSM W-CDMA 2100

Huawei Honor 3 would be expected to come with price tag of 1999 yuan($325)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crsystal Clear image confirming iPhone 5s camera Dual Flash Exposure

Yesterday Macrumors,leaked a noisy image of iPhone 5S which showed that device comes with Dual Flash and today a crystal clear image has been leaked by our Chinese source which supports the yesterday leak

Major Leaks about iphone 5s and Cheap iPhone by our team till date are:

Pegatron which got the contract of Cheap iPhone will ship 1.5 million units of Cheap iphone in June and the total expected shipments in July- September(3rd quarter) will be around 15 million which is the full capacity of Pegatron

Cheap iphone is not that much cheap as you expected,It is priced higher as you expected or we van say it is a reasonably price version said Doji Chen Chairman of the Pegatron During the shareholders meeting.

Rumored Specifications of iphone 5s are:

  1. 4 inch IGZO(Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide)display with 1136*640 resolution and 326ppi 
  2. Apple A7 chipset 
  3.  1.2Ghz Quad Core CPU 
  4.  PowerVR SGX 554MP4 GPU 
  5.  2GB RAM 
  6.  128GB optional variant 
  7.  iOS 7 
  8.  12Mpx camera 
  9.  4G Global Support 
  10. Fingerprint sensor technology used to unlock the phone and verifying NFC payments 
  11.  Home Button will have LED indicator that will blink,whenever phone is unlocked or there is successful payment
iPhone 5s is expected to be launched in September alongside reasonable iPhone(Cheap iPhone) with plastic body which will be available in multicolours

Pantech IM-A880S appeared on the benchmark with 1080P display and Snapdragon 800

Pantech which is a lesser known name on the global map but it comes with impressive handsets which are beautiful crafted and with very high end specifications. Pantech Vega Iron is such an example which has a very high end specifications and South Korean customers even compare it with Samsung Galaxy SIV. Now a device named Pantech IM-A880S which according to our sources will be Successor of Vega Iron has been appeared on the Antutu Benchmarks.

Pantech Vega Iron in Silver Color

According to Benchmarks Specifications of Pantech IM-A880S are:

  1. Full HD display
  2. 2150Mhz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 Processor
  3. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Device scored 30563 points on Benchmarks.

The device may comes with very less bezel,as Pantech Vega iron comes with only 2.4mm bezel which is world's smallest at that time

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sony Mobile will announce the new Smart Watch Model on Mobile Asia Expo 2013

Sony Mobile will Showcase a new smart watch Model at MAE2013(Mobile Asia Expo 2013) held between June-June in Shanghai,China.News has been confirmed by Sony Mobile official Twitter account.

Tweet which was posted by Sony Xperia was that One in three smartphones users wants smart wrist wear with Hash Tag #MAE13 and #itstime  and a picture was also posted which shows three men and from these three men,and showed that middle man wearing a watch.

Its not the time Sony released a smartwatch,Sony is an old player in this category but never creates an impression with consumers which is mainly because of less pictures and High price tag


Rumor:Windows 8.1 Stable to be launched in October

Windows 8.1 which is expected to be officially unveiled during the developer conference,but an alleged image leaked which shows the entire window 8.1 map claims that During Developer conference it is showcased only in preview form,which is specially designed for testing purposes.

While Microsoft hasn't talk anything about Windows 8.1,but on many Social Networking websites users claims that August 1 as a launch date,While this particular image claims that in August there is Windows 8.1 RTM version,while in October there is general availability.

No official details has been provided,So we can't guarantee that this picture is real.

According to our sources,Windows 8.1 will comes this Holiday season,So october date seems to be right time

Thanks Sam for this Tip

Apple iphone 5S actual images leaks Out

Actual images of iPhone 5s has been leak out and the iPhone 5s carries the same logic board which was leaked few days ago.

Update:iphone5s camera Dual Flash Exposure

According to leaked images of iPhone 5s,some findings are:

  1. Motherboard is an exact match which was leaked few days ago,with new layout for connectors
  2. Date code visible on the chip 1234,which depicts that chip was manufactured in the 43rd week(means in october) of 2013
  3. battery carries a latest serial number 616-0652,which is a recent number if we compare it with iPhone 5 battery having serial number 616-0611 and 616-0612
  4. iPhone 5s battery now has 5.92Whr capacity which is higher if we compare it with iPhone 5 battery having 5.54Whr
  5. Blank Boxes in place of various logos depicts that it is a prototype model of iPhone 5s
  6. The back shows a dual LED flash which is set in vertical capsule shaped window,as compared to round shaped window in iPhone 5.This similar type of Vertical capsule window is also showed in the casemakers blueprint leak
Blueprint leak Confirming the vertical capsule LED Flash design

Rumored Specifications of iPhone 5s are:
  1. 4 inch IGZO(Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide)display with 1136*640 resolution and 326ppi 
  2. Apple A7 chipset 
  3.  1.2Ghz Quad Core CPU 
  4.  PowerVR SGX 554MP4 GPU 
  5.  2GB RAM 
  6.  128GB optional variant 
  7.  iOS 7 
  8.  12Mpx camera 
  9.  4G Global Support 
  10. Fingerprint sensor technology used to unlock the phone and verifying NFC payments 
  11.  Home Button will have LED indicator that will blink,whenever phone is unlocked or there is successful payment
iPhone 5S is launched along with cheap iphone in and around September

Board which was leaked few days ago

Silver Coloured Pantech Vega Iron Leaks Out

Silver Colour Pantech Vega iron has been leaked.From the images it is depicted that it gives the metallic feeling

Pantech Vega iron is already available in black and white,So silver will be also added in future

Specifications of  Pantech Vega Iron

  1. 5 inch 720p display
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Chipest with 1.7Ghz Quad Core Krait 300 CPU
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. 32GB internal storage with microSD support upto 64GB
  5. 13Mpx camera
  6. 2150mAh battery
  7. Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  8. viewable-to-total area ratio of 75.5 percent
  9. GigaBAit Wifi
  10. Bezels measuring Just 2.4mm across on each side

Purported Samsung Galaxy Note III(SM-N900) image leak Out

Samsung Galaxy Note III(SM-N900) has been leaked many times in past,the first leak was a rounder corner unibody with 5.9 inch Full HD display leaked by Chinese Forums,the second leak was by Sammobile which supports a straight edged prototype,Then there is a leak of first camera sample of Samsung Galaxy Note which confirms the 13Mpx Shooter

Latest Leak

This time we got another alleged image of Samsung Galaxy Note III from Chinese Sources,which confirmed that Samsung has followed its same style the rounded corner unibody style.Any information about specifications is not cleared yet.

But rumored specifications of Galaxy Note III are:

  1. 5.99 inch Full HD superamoled display
  2. Exynos Octa Core or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU
  3. Android 4.2.2
  4. 13Mpx Camera with optical image stabilisation
  5. TouchWiz Nature UX
  6. S-Pen functions
Samsung Galaxy Note III is expected to be launched at IFA 2013

First Leak

Prototype Leak(2nd Leak)

Camera Sample Leak(3rd Leak)