Monday, June 10, 2013

iOS 7 Actual screenshots leaked

Apple's next Operating system for Mobile iOS 7 which is expected to be presented at the Worldwide developer conference in San Francisco on June 10-14 actual screenshots has been leaked.

According to leaked images it is cleared that this is the biggest renovation so far in iOS

There are three screenshots leaked which clearly shows that new Operating system iOS 7 is cleaner and flatter and also having strong use of black and white which confirms the recent rumors that Apple's designer Johny Ive will use flat design with more focus on black and white

In iOS 7,there is new edit button on the top right corner of settings menu which helps you to customize the contents of Settings menu and there is also new item added under Do not disturb which is notifications and widgets(in current iOS 6 it is only Notifications under Don't Disturb Button)


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