Sunday, June 2, 2013

Actual Image of Cheap iphone Leaked

iphone which transforms the apple company fortunes is now going to launch a cheaper version of its premium smartphone.

What is the need of Cheap iphone?

The concept of cheap iphone was originated to capture developing markets in which its rival Samsung dominates.As in these markets its very tough for people to invest $650 for smartphone.

Much of the folks believed that Cheap iPhone is just a myth,But the existence of cheap iPhone has been confirmed by the leaked image of Cheap iPhone which has been leaked by Chinese Website.

The image shows the back of iPhone and it was made of glossy plastic which has been confirmed by the previous reports that the cheaper version of iphone comes with plastic body and comes in multi colours.
The design of the back is similar to that of iphone 3G

In these images we can also see the lightning interface,3.5mm headjack and it also shows that it is thicker than iphone 5.the device is also covered in protective case as appeared in leaked images

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