Friday, May 31, 2013

Cheetah Mobile Browser Photos Leaked:Supports download Videos from Cache

Cheetah Web browser is already present in the market and it grabs too much attention from public,Now the company plans to launch mobile version of its famous cheetah Browser.This is not any huge surprise that the company which develops web browser will offer a mobile version of browser,but the spy photos of this browser tells us that Browser offers us a very great tool 

The photos showed that Cheetah Mobile Browser offers us to download videos from cache which we had already watched. Isn't that Great??

This software really helps to save our bandwidth because when we watched any video online,the video stores to cache and then if we want to download that video with another software we will again use our bandwidth.

Cheetah Mobile browser will be available for android and iOS and the beta version of Cheetah Mobile will be released on June 3rd and we expect more new features in its full version

Now lets see whether the Chinese Cheetah Mobile Browser would also get success like its other chinese Counterparts UC Browser and QQ Browser


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