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Leaked:Verizon Bounded Blackberry Laguna specifications

RIM is completely renovating its BlackBerry OS in its BB10 release and its new gesture-based UI. The Canadians also developed hardware that should stands up to BB OS 10’s biggest competitor, Windows Phone 8.

A leaked specs sheet details the BlackBerry Laguna for Verizon, an L-series device (those are the touch-only ones) that seems to be the CDMA version of the oft-leaked BlackBerry London.
According to this sheet, the Laguna will pack a 4.2” screen with the non-standard 1280 x 768 resolution (only the dev units and the London are supposed to use this one instead of 720p). The pixel density works out to the impressive 355ppi.
The phone will be powered by a dual-core Krait CPU and feature 1GB RAM (Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset), the same that powers the upcoming crop of WP8 flagship devices. Other specs on the BlackBerry Laguna include LTE (with GSM 2G and 3G for roaming), dual-band Wi-Fi a/b/g/n with mobile hot-spot and Wi-Fi direct, NFC and microHDMI port.
Then there’s an 8MP camera capable of shooting 1080p video, 16GB of built-in storage and a hot-swappable microSD card. An 1800mAh battery is set to power the whole thing.

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FACEBOOK- World's Third Largest Country !!!

Are You a Citizen of FACEBOOK Country ? Then it is for you

Yes, FACEBOOK becomes the third largest populated country which has more than 1 billion users on the first place it is CHINA and on the Second it is India.

Google was only worth a quarter of Facebook's valuation when it first went public.

  Over 25% of users have already been dumped via Facebook

A June 2010 survey of 1,000 Facebook users -- 70% of whom were male -- found that 25% had been "dumped" via Facebook (via their significant other updating his or her relationship status).

Twenty-one percent of those surveyed said they would end a relationship by changing their Facebook relationship statuses to "single." While worrisome, the survey does show the majority of people do not split up via Facebook.

Facebook doesn't allow breastfeeding photos

Facebook, the popular social networking website, provoked a squall of maternal wrath when it yanked photos of breastfeeding babies that women had posted on their personal profiles because it deemed them a little too revealing. This, by the way, from a website that allows photos of women in thongs and bikinis and of couples making out; it has even accepted paid advertising for a dating website that featured a topless model. (The topless ad was taken down after angry women noted the hypocrisy.)

In response to the terse notices alerting mothers that they were violating Facebook's decency policy, "lactivists" responded with a virtual nurse-in; 11,000 women posted photos of themselves breastfeeding and/or updated their profiles to read: "Hey, Facebook. Breastfeeding Is Not Obscene!"

The pro-breastfeeding group has attracted over 250,000 members.

      Facebook causes 1 in 5 Divorces

It used to be the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. Then there were the give-away texts that spelled the death knell for many marriages. But now one in five divorces involve the social networking site Facebook, according to a new survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

A staggering 80 per cent of divorce lawyers have also reported a spike in the number of cases that use social media for evidence of cheating.

Al Pacino was the first ‘face' on Facebook

Remember that sad-looking blue guy on Facebook's homepage who used to stare you down every time you went to log in? They did away with him in 2007, so if you were late to the social networking party, then you probably have absolutely no idea what we're talking about. Anyway according to David Kirkpatrick's The Facebook Effect , it turns out that that guy in the logo, created by Zuckerberg's friend and classmate Andrew McCollum, was none other than a young Al Pacino “covered with a fog of ones and zeros — the elementary components of digital media.” Crazy, right? 

36% of users check Facebook, Twitter or texts after sex

Lighting a cigarette after sex? That's soooo last season.

An October 2009 study by Retrevo suggested that social networks are becoming an increasingly important part of young people's lives. Among under-35s, 36% admitted to "tweeting, texting and checking Facebook after sex." Forty percent of respondents admitted to doing so while driving, 64% said they do so at work, and 65% use these communication channels while on vacation.

Over 350million people suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder

Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is a term introduced by US phychologists for those who are addicted to Facebook and their life is really affected by their uncontrolled activities on Facebook. The most common effects are the loss of productivity, the inability to concentrate, the superficiality of friendships as well as isolation in the extreme cases.

It has been said that approximately 350 million people are suffering from the disorder.

Facebook users have lower grades than non-users

According to a new study by doctoral candidate Aryn Karpinski of Ohio State University and her co-author Adam Duberstein of Ohio Dominican University, college students who use the 800 million–member social network have significantly lower grade-point averages (GPAs) than those who do not.

The study, made in 2009, surveyed 219 undergraduate and graduate students and found that GPAs of Facebook users typically ranged a full grade point lower than those of nonusers — 3.0 to 3.5 for users versus 3.5 to 4.0 for their non-networking peers. It also found that 79% of Facebook members did not believe there was any link between their GPA and their networking habits.

Burger King gave away free burgers to users who unfriended people on Facebook


In January 2009, an advertising campaign from Burger King titled “WHOPPER Sacrifice” rewarded Facebook users a free “Angry Whopper” for publicly deleting 10 friends, who would then receive a blunt message informing they were deleted for a free hamburger. The campaign, conceived by Burger King agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky and executed by Refresh Partners, used the tag line “Friendship Is Strong, but The Whopper Is Stronger.”

At press time the application had been downloaded more than 55,000 times and over 250,000 ‘friends' were sacrificed.

   A man was arrested for openly asking his 13-year-old daughter for sex over Facebook

1.    On perhaps one of the worst crimes perpetrated in Facebook, a Pennsylvania father was arrested for allegedly asking his teen daughter for sex over Facebook. John Forehand, 39, referred to himself as "Bad Daddy" in the online correspondence with his 13 year-old daughter, in which he openly propositioned her and made explicit sexual suggestions. Forehand told his daughter he had been having "inappropriate" dreams about her, and wrote to her, "I'll take very good care of my little girl."

The girl told her mother about the inappropriate Facebook messages, and she then alerted the police. The police captured Forehand by tricking him into coming to what he believed would be a meeting with his daughter.

Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the "Like" button the "Awesome" button.


Facebook pays its engineers better than most companies in the Valley 

 Facebook has more than 960m active users. If the company were a country, it would be the third largest in the world after China (population: 1.34bn) and India (population: 1.17bn)
• With 157m members, the US has the most Facebook users, followed by India with 45.9m, Brazil with 45.3m, Indonesia with 42.4m and Mexico with 32.9m (source:
• Facebook is the most popular social network in every country of the world, with the exceptions of China, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam (source: comScore)
• In April, Facebook announced a billion-dollar deal to buy the startup behind wildly popular smartphone photo sharing application Instagram, its biggest acquisition to date
• Facebook has minted four billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker. The 27-year-old Zuckerberg's net worth was estimated at $17.5bn on the 2011 Forbes list of the wealthiest Americans. Moskovitz had a net worth of $3.5bn but pipped Zuckerberg for the title of world's youngest billionaire, being eight days younger. The Brazilian-born Saverin, who left Facebook early on after a falling-out with Zuckerberg, had a net worth of $2bn. Parker, the Napster co-founder who briefly served as Facebook's president, had a net worth of $2.1bn 


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Samsung,Motorola and Nokia publically criticizes the Iphone 5

The manufacturer of World Class products that delivered the best experience possible to its customers is facing a massive attacks from its competitors.

The major reason for this attack was flaw in its mapping service which allows competitors to comment on apple's latest iphone 5.

So on This Maps app problem MOTOROLA MOBILITY on TWITTER commented in such a way that

Motorola Mobility said on twitter that many iphone 5 users are now "ilost"

Nokia which has proved that it has better camera in its upcoming phone nokia lumia 920 over iphone 5 in terms of low light images had also commented on the failure of apple maps.
On this rivalary the official Nokia blog posts

Our superior apps are built on the most accurate, automotive-grade Navteq maps, meticulously developed by over 20 years of know-how. We believe that the best user experience comes indeed from precise data, robust processing of core platform functionalities like routing, geocoding and traffic, and by user friendly apps. All this cannot be built overnight.

Similarly Samsung commented on apple by releasing a new ad on youtube that the next big thing is already here and ad showcased the feature of instant photo and music sharing by NFC,which was unavailable in iphone 5

My personal views on apple

It's shame that Apple's own incompetence and sheer bloody mindedness has left them looking so stupid.
I am trying to understand whey they didn't leave google maps until the apple version was ready

How any half competent tester could have verified the maps app as ready is beyond me.It comes across as something out of alpha stage development,never mind a beta version
Unfortunately apple's aim of severing the remaining ties with google has lead to them jumping the gun a little i felt.Not only that but i guess they had to include the maps as it is the only real significant change to iOS outside of numerous other,but relatively minor tweaks and changes

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Nokia lumia 920 and lumia 820 prices revealed in Europe

The phone which showcased earlier in this month and was in news for its wireless charging,most sensitive touch screen and camera is now available.Yeah i am talking about Nokia Lumia 920 and lumia 820 which could be the last hope for nokia to survive in smartphone market

The prices for the nokia lumia 920 and lumia 820 has been announced By nokia germany and nokia italy but Nokia Russia has started to take official pre-orders for both the phones

So if you are in EUROPE and belongs to these three countries i.e. GERMANY,ITALY AND RUSSIA and thinks to buy a new window smartphone then This phone could be a great value for money.

For pre-order Nokia Lumia 920 will be availabe in four colors in Russia


Nokia lumia 820 will be available in three colors in Russia


The price for the Nokia Lumia 920 is:

In GERMANY the Nokia Lumia 920 is availabe for €649 ($836)

In ITALY the phone is cheaper than Germany and the price is €599 ($771)

In RUSSIA the customer have to pay 24,990 rubles ($801)

The price For the Nokia Lumia 820 is:

In GERMANY it is available for €499 ($645)

In ITALY it is available for €499 ($645)
the price of nokia lumia 820 is unchanged as that of nokia lumia 920 in italy

In RUSSIA it is availabe for 19,990 rubles ($640)

Both the phones will starts shipping in Novermber

Bloomberg is reporting that the Lumia 920 will be available in Italy on November 12th from carrier TeliaSonera.

If you are living in RUSSIA and buys these lumia phones from official online nokia store than NOKIA is providing you a gift bonus which is NOKIA PURITY STEREO HEADSET

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Angry Bird Lovers are angry with Piggies (New Version) !!!

Angry Bird Lovers are angry with Piggies (New Version) !!! : Review of Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies V/s Angry Birds (Share your Views after Playing with Bad Piggies).

Piggies are not Real angry Birds…:P Angry Bird is introducing Bad Piggies on 27th, sept, 2012.

I would like to start my Post with Happy Birthday of GOOGLE. The King of Wooga (World of Gaming) n Rovio Inc. your guess is right it is ANGRY bird Game. It is favourite one and one of the largest playing game on the wooga. It is the Warrior of the Facebook and grabs more of the crowd when gamers started loving buy, wear its flip flops, tees n other accessories.
Rovio Inc. Launches a new version with Piggies that has proved a Flop show. Angry bird lovers are not ready to take this for next hit in the game.
The new game will feature pigs which strike back at the birds who attacked them with slingshots in Angry Birds.
A hit on app stores would give the Finnish company a boost as it looks to a possible stock market flotation next year. Some analysts put its market value at between $6 billion and $9 billion, nearly on a par with another top Finnish tech name, phone maker Nokia Oyj.


It has remained at the top of gaming charts, with more than a billion downloads, and had 200 million monthly users at the end of 2011. That compares for instance with the 240 million attracted by offerings from US-based Zynga, such as the Facebook -based Farmville.
But there are signs Rovio is losing its momentum.
Amazing Alex, the first non-Angry Birds game in more than two years from Rovio, hit no. 1 on download charts in July but has since slumped to outside the top 50, while Angry Birds Space has dropped fast from the top-grossing lists.
"Rovio needs a big hit right now. Over the past two months, Rovio's revenue-generation ability has suddenly slipped badly," said analyst Tero Kuittinen from Finnish mobile analytics firm Alekstra.
Power of Bad Piggies
In Bad Piggies, instead of shooting with a slingshot, players build vehicles that help the characters get the birds' eggs. The company said it was hoping the new game would breathe additional life into its brand.
Rating Agency on Launch

"There is no doubt that the pig game will hit number 1 at launch. But it has to stay in top ten for half a year to erase the doubts that the fast fade of Amazing Alex has created."
Some Angry News:
WILDLY POPULAR GAME Angry Birds is hurtling towards Xbox consoles, Playstation 3s and the Nintendo 3DS.
The game, well, the three games, will be released later this week and see the bird-brained fun rolled into one title.
Since most people will have already played Angry Birds by now, Rovio has added 19 new levels to the game and a slew of new achievements and trophies. It reckons that all this adds up to over 100 hours of gameplay, which is a lot of gameplay.

Note of the day: Popularity does not brings success it has to stick with quality for the prosperity.
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Views are required for further improvment...;-)

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Google Trends after Twitter Trends (GAMING)

               |Google Trends after Twitter Trends| GAMING

Attention Please Gaming Companies…Gamers are on Google !!!

Google, that Becomes GOD of the Search Engines. However, the tragedy is being blocked by various Governments and Nations like Iran and other middle east nations with respect to exaggeration of Religious thoughts !!! If we leave the negative cons then something that is happening on the Google that is regarding the Trend system that has adopted by the Twitter.
Electronic Arts and Google released a study Monday demonstrating how search can predict the demand for video games, but the method could also support the cycle along the purchase path from release to post launch for other brands.
Google found that search data and clicks can identify and influence 84% of sales during a 10-month launch cycle. Using data from analyses to create a predictive model, the tech company found that games accruing 250,000 clicks in the 10 months surrounding the launch will likely sell between 2 million and 4 million units in the first four months after release.

Gamers are changing their trends and even has started searching for their favorites titles. That may be alarming for the gaming world giants. Some facts and figures are here:-

Google just released a research paper with the grandiose title “Understanding the Modern Gamer,” which looks at search and purchase activity around blockbuster video game titles. 
The conclusion: Gamers are doing more searching than ever related to their favorite games, and they’re doing it over the space of a full year year.
The subtext: Hey video game publishers, maybe you should buy some ads from Google, especially in the months before a game launches.
Google says the data is based on “the hundreds of millions of video game searches” (both desktop and mobile) that occurred around the top 20 selling games of 2010 and 2011. The company found that desktop searches increased 20 percent year-over-year, while mobile searches increased 168 percent.
There’s a lifecycle to a gaming launch, and Google looked at search volume over that period. For 2011 titles, on average, 40 percent of searches took place in the six months before the launch, 28 percent took place in the month before, and 32 percent took place in the three months afterwards.
“Users are planning, researching, and considering their video game purchases a lot earlier (6 months), and continuing to engage with the game – by downloading reviews, discussing game strategies and purchasing extra game features online, for about 4 months after their initial purchase,” 

Regarding those first six months, Google writes, “For marketers, this longer, more engaged research phase is a key moment to influence users’ purchase decisions.” It points approvingly to EA for taking out ads alongside search results and in YouTube to promote its game trailers during this period.
As you can tell from the growth numbers, mobile is an increasingly important part of the equation, now accounting for one in five “purchase-related searches” and one in four “tips-related searches.” That last part makes sense if you imagine someone playing a game on their TV, then looking for hints and walkthroughs on their phones when they get stuck.
And yes, those ads seem to be related to actual sales (which isn’t quite the same as establishing that the ads caused the sales). Google says that 84 percent of game sales were predicted by ad clicks during the 10 months surrounding the launch. For example, if a game’s ads get 250,000 clicks during that period, it will probably sell between 2 and 4 million copies in the first four months.

Conclusion : 

Aside from searches, Google plans to build in game quality, TV investment, online display investment, and social buzz to create a multivariate model for future analysis.
Gamers are researching more online during the six months leading up to the launch to evaluate the titles to purchase. In fact, Google found that 40% of game-related searches occur during this research phase. Video-game-related searches rose 20% on desktops and laptops and 168% on tablets and smartphones during the last year.
They do search for different information as they make their way through the purchase path. The study points to more searches related to publisher-released assets during per-launch, advanced information like tips during the launch and extensions after release.
Up to four months after a product's release, information remains in high demand. Undecided buyers search for reviews, while those who have already purchased research whether to extend their experience by buying downloadable extension content.
Gamers not only leverage mobile as a purchase device, but also as a secondary screen. In fact, one in five who make a purchase search during the launch and 27% of those related to tips during post-launch take place on mobile.

Quote: To be Trusted is a greater compliment than being loved...!!!

Please send your queries for improvement.
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