Thursday, September 20, 2012


Finally Apple initiated the update process for its Idevices
The IOS 6 has been released Over The Air(OTA) and this has been first time apple releasing update over the air,and compatible devices can download it from update menu.
You can also update your iphone via computer but for this you need the latest version of itunes(v10.7)

Compatible devices

The compatible Apple devices to receive this update are Iphone 4S,4,3GS,IPad 2,new Ipad and Ipod Touch

Whats New??

This upgrade offers more than 200 new changes which also includes many minor changes

Major Changes:

1) Apple replaces the google map application with its new apple maps which includes free voice navigation now you can find your way by spoken directions,a 3D view and real time traffic.they also introduced the new cool feature flyover which is available for select number of areas and cities nad shows 3D images of building and areas.This feature is available in Iphone 4s and later,Ipad 2 and new Ipad.
zooming and spanning is faster
colors also sparks more

2)Camera with panorma,with this feature you can simply shoot upto 240 degress,but this feature is available only in iphone 4s and iphone 5

3)SIRI is now more intelligent,and SIRI now understands many languages,it can also post facebook status for you and it also now takes to your destination,so ask SIRI and it will takes to your destination along the fastest route with the help of yelp

4)Facebook like twitter in IOS 5 is now an integral part of IOS 6

5)VIP mailbox,Now users can setup VIP list and just receive notifications or alerts of those persons which are in VIP list

6)Safari gives you the feeling of desktop version,now you can save webpages,not just links and this feature is available on iphone 4 or later and ipad 2 or later

7)Share select photos with select audience

8)Passbook feature allows you to save digital copies of tickets,coupons,loyalty cards.With this application you can scan the airline ticket,get into a movie and redeem a coupon
But with this application you can not syn your credit card and debit card.In future this application gives strong competition to GOOGLE WALLET

9) The original YOUTUBE app has been removed from OS but you can download this app from app store
for Ipad users this news could be annoying as there is no official YOUTUBE app avaialble in ipad app store till date

10) you can now update apps without entering your password

11)New Service called Guided Access which allows you to lock down your phone to the use of one app
This application is useful for parents which want to restrict their children for one particular app

12)facetime now works on celluar networks as well as on wifi.

13) Do not disturb function which allows users which enables you to silence incoming calls and messages.
You can also schedule this service

Minor Changes

1) new theme for the music player
2)redesigned app store


It taking hours to update the phone.many users tweeted that their update was cancelled in the middle.
Sometimes it shows 10 hours and on the very next minute it shows 30 minutes.

Removal of Google maps is the biggest lose to some users because they miss the transit directions and street view images and for some countries they even lost the realtime traffic information

No major interface changes

No 3rd party app to app integration

Siri still not working in offline mode

The bottom Line

We expect a lot from apple but what we conclude from IOS 6,there major stress was on to develop Apple 

Maps.Desite they know that google maps has lot of fan following,removing it from IOS 6 is very Bold action

Moreover the features they provided in IOS 6 are limited for older phones like iphone 3gs and Iphone 4.
The apple maps are not detailed as Google Maps

The user who love to use Google maps and Youtube,then it is advisable to them donnot update your phone to IOS 6.0
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