Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Causes of Blue Screen of death in windows

Blue Screen of Death in windows is very common.We all know how annoying this could be especially when you are in the middle of project

Causes of Blue Screen of death:
1)Hardware issues:hard disk going bad,Faulty Ram,Graphic Card problem or incompatibility of hardware with motherboard of computer
2)Software issues: registry problems,device driver problems and sometimes due to installing new software

 How to Solve the blue screen of death problem:
1) First you have to detect the blue screen of codes and this can be checked by this link
If you are unable to read the code due to the restart of the system then you can disable the automatic restart on system failure.

2) After you check these codes you have to find what last activity you did like installation of new software or modification of hardware so undo the changes so that it can be restored to last known good configuration.

3) After that you update all window drivers which includes some security patches that may help to correct the problem.

4) Scan your computer for viruses that affects and modified your computer registry.Viruses can sometimes even affect the boodloader of system.If possible use some registry scanner which detects the faulty registry

5)Update all the drivers like sound,display and network.

6) Update the BIOS,an obselete BIOS can also cause the blue screen of death.

7) Use system recovery options:


Anonymous said...

very great article and descriptive too

Priyanka kumari said...

still unable to get rid from blue screen