Saturday, September 29, 2012

Samsung,Motorola and Nokia publically criticizes the Iphone 5

The manufacturer of World Class products that delivered the best experience possible to its customers is facing a massive attacks from its competitors.

The major reason for this attack was flaw in its mapping service which allows competitors to comment on apple's latest iphone 5.

So on This Maps app problem MOTOROLA MOBILITY on TWITTER commented in such a way that

Motorola Mobility said on twitter that many iphone 5 users are now "ilost"

Nokia which has proved that it has better camera in its upcoming phone nokia lumia 920 over iphone 5 in terms of low light images had also commented on the failure of apple maps.
On this rivalary the official Nokia blog posts

Our superior apps are built on the most accurate, automotive-grade Navteq maps, meticulously developed by over 20 years of know-how. We believe that the best user experience comes indeed from precise data, robust processing of core platform functionalities like routing, geocoding and traffic, and by user friendly apps. All this cannot be built overnight.

Similarly Samsung commented on apple by releasing a new ad on youtube that the next big thing is already here and ad showcased the feature of instant photo and music sharing by NFC,which was unavailable in iphone 5

My personal views on apple

It's shame that Apple's own incompetence and sheer bloody mindedness has left them looking so stupid.
I am trying to understand whey they didn't leave google maps until the apple version was ready

How any half competent tester could have verified the maps app as ready is beyond me.It comes across as something out of alpha stage development,never mind a beta version
Unfortunately apple's aim of severing the remaining ties with google has lead to them jumping the gun a little i felt.Not only that but i guess they had to include the maps as it is the only real significant change to iOS outside of numerous other,but relatively minor tweaks and changes


Anonymous said...

Do you actually use your own website? You've got a social media widget over the scrollbar and a send feedback button over the down toggle. It's like you actually don't want anyone to read your entire article.

Ryan Lawrence said...

I think nobody can beat the iPhone...


@ryan lawrence :No doubt it is tough to beat iphone,but why did they choose to use an map app which had a lot of flaws and errors.this is surely a symbol of their downfall