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What IS Microsoft Internet Explorer's New Problem and How to Handle it with Microsoft Security n Safety Tips !!!

 Even Slowpoke is faster than Internet Explorer.

There is ongoing trend on the twitter drives me to see into the matter and try to understanding what actually is going on with internet explorer (Once upon a time, KING of Browser) ...!!! Many tweets that can be amused you on the twitter : Even Slowpoke is faster than Internet Explorer.

Yes, It may be funny but it is just a one extreme...Let's check out what's going on:

First, look into the matter what is the PROBLEM with ie (Internet Explorer)

On the 18th Sep,2012 Germany Government Issue notice to Dump Microsoft Internet Explorer until security patch is not provided by the Microsoft. The Government of Germany has been reported with cases regarding Phishing. When the official tried to know the ground reality. They learn:

The Main Exploit:  For most home users, the exploit would require you to visit a malicious Website where the attack could be carried out. The attack is also possible via compromised sites that may have malicious advertisements on them or host user-provided content. The most likely scenario for getting hit with this exploit appears to be phishing attempts where a hacker attempts to trick you into visiting a malicious site.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer makes up about 48.75 percent of active Web browsers worldwide, according to Net Market Share.

However, Microsoft officials Launch a prologue for their on own basis addressing to the World wide Users that : We get some reports from the Europe regarding this exploitation so we are going to launch some fix as soon as possible by user point of view. This Prologue is published on the infosecurity-magazine website. 

Now WHAT to do to Save yourself from the ATTACK??

While Microsoft is working on a patch for the new IE exploit, the software maker is advising users to employ a multi-step workaround including downloading and installing a security toolkit, and setting your Internet security zone settings via Tools>Internet Options>Security to "High." The company is also advising you to configure Internet Explorer to either disable Active Scripting or prompt you before running any script. You can find out more details from Microsoft's security advisory.

Till then Enjoy the People views and most retweeted trends:

The reliability of Microsoft is like a chinesse can Believe..:p
The Speed of Microsoft Internet Explorer is faster than the turtle !!

Even Slowpoke is faster than Internet Explorer. !!!  This Tweet Inspires me to write on your concern.

Be Trustworthy !!!
Regards: Pankaj Goyal.

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