Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rumor:Cheap iPhone to Cost $349 for 16GB variant

Cheap iPhone or Apple's lower cost iPhone price has been leaked.The device comes with price tag of $349 for 16GB variants while for 32GB variant the price will be $449 while for 64GB the price will be $549

Cheap iPhone is being manufactured by Pegatron and it will come with plastic body and will comes in multicolour options and is similar that of iPhone 5 but having rounded corners.It is mainly targeted for emerging markets like India,China and Brazil.
The prices are according to previous rumors,as in past pegatron chairman said that Apple's next Cheap iPhone is not that much cheaper as you all expected,it will be priced reasonable

It is cleared from past news that Apple is under pressure to release cheaper devices,so as to capture the market share and with this price tag it is almost cleared that device is aimed at mid-range market which is entirely dominated by Android Devices and at this price tag Apple may scale down its Specs sheet but it is still expected that Apple will offer a great design and better user experience

Cheap iPhone(Apple's lower cost iPhone) is expected to be launched in September

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