Monday, June 17, 2013

Microsoft 8.5 inch or less windows 8 tablet Price could be Priced around $299

Its seems Microsoft is chasing industry trends by developing small tablets like iPad mini,Google nexus 7 and kindle fire HD. As it is clear that small tablets are doing well due to their less price and also they are comfortable to hold in hand.

The less price is due to the less resolution of panels as due to less resolution there is less backlighting,which in turns powered by weak battery and lesser capacity battery

This time Microsoft has requested PC brands to contract their manufacturing companies to keep the retail price of Micorosoft 8.5 inch or less around or less $299

Few days ago,World's first 8 inch Microsoft windows 8 tablet has been showcased but its price is $380,which appears a heavier price tag if we compare it with Apple iPad mini.

Rumored Specifications of Windows 8.5 inch tablet

  1. 7.9-8.5 inch display with 1280*800 resolution
  2. intel atom mobile processor
  3. 32GB and 64GB storage(with microSD support)
  4. Powered by windows 8
  5. 2MPx front and 2Mpx rear camera


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