Thursday, June 27, 2013

iPhone Compatible Smartwatch showcased by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.(FoxConn Technology Group)

Hon hai Precison Industry Co. Ltd which is trading as Foxconn Technology group(world's biggest electronics contract manufacturer) and also known as Apple's main manufacturer showcased a smartwatch which is compatible with iPhone.

The main function of smartwatch is to check phone calls and Facebook posts besides this it will also provide medical benefits such as it will measures heartbeat and checks problems during respiration.
While in the future plans,fingerprint recognition technology will also be part of gadget.

With this step it is almost cleared that Foxconn wants to reduce its dependence on manufacturing products for Apple and will focus on developing new technologies with their own rights and properties.As According to rumors,Apple will also launch iWatch,later this year

Foxconn earnings in the first half is not much impressive and sales are down by 12.6% from the beginning of year to may 2013.The main reason which is expected as Apple didn't launch any product in first half and fierce competition from Samsung.

Foxconn is expecting that this smartwatch will be next driver of revenue growth


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