Saturday, June 8, 2013

image of iPhone 5S Frame leaked

Leaks about iphone 5s,tends not to be stop.Few days ago,camera cable,sim tray were leaked but this time frame of iphone 5s has been leaked directly from the Foxconn factory in China.

In the leaked image the frame of the iphone 5 and iphone 5s are compared .The frames of both the handsets are almost same and there are just little changes in the iphone 5s frame.

The main difference between the frames is just cutting on the top right corner,these cuttings are basically for camera and sensors.So in iphone 5s the position of front camera changed.

It is also noted that fake iphones are also produced in China,but the same sources also leaked the spare parts of iphone 5s in past,So the leaks in past tends to confirms the authenticity of leaks.

Iphone 5s is expected to be announced in the Last quarter of 2013

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