Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cheap iphone measuring around 8.97mm thickness and iPod Touch 5 will also comes in plastic body with multi-Color options

Leaks about cheap iphone will not stop here.Two days ago,a chinese microblogging users with good accuracy record in past shocked the entire tech industry by showcased the back plastic plate of Cheap iphone.From these photos the cheap iphone looks like iphone 3G

Now the same source confirmed that the thickness of cheap iphone will be 8.97mm and uses the same 4 inch screen which will be used in Apple iphone 5.He also said that with the increase in the thickness of iphone helps to reduce manufacturing cost.He also confirmed that Cheap iphone will use inexpensive plastic body,and the same cheap plastic body will be used in ipod touch 5 with multi color options.

he also said that mass production of Cheap iphone will start this month

As a reminder the confirmed specification of Cheap iphone

  1. 4.0 inch display
  2. comes in cheap plastic body with 8.97 thickness
  3. Comes in multicolor options

The cheap iphone is mainly targeted for emerging markets(india,brazil and china) where people don't have larger buying capacity.The phone is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2013

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