Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pegatron will ship 1.5 million Units of Cheap iphone in June and 15 millions units During July-September 2013

Few Days Ago,an information was leaked,which claimed that Pegatron got an order of Cheap iphone from Apple.But today another information leaked that Pegatron will ship 1.5 million units of Cheap iphone in June and the total expected shipments in July- September(3rd quarter) will be around 15 million which is the full capacity of Pegatron

As according to the previous rumors,it was clear that Cheap iphone is mainly targeted for emerging markets(China,India and Brazil) where consumers do not bound with any 2 year contract and it will come with plastic body and also comes in multicolour options(more than three colours)

Cheap iphone is likely to be released in September and expected to come with price tag of $350-$400


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