Thursday, June 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III Release Date Preponed,Due to Sluggish Sales Of Samsung Galaxy S4

South Korean Media have reported that production of Samsung Galaxy Note III is accelerated due to the poor performance of Samsung Galaxy SIV,and the Phablet will launch earlier ahead of previous schedule.

In april 10 million Galaxy SIV were sold,in May the figure is 12.2 millions,while in June it reduced to half only 6.5 million.So samsung has decided to cut the production capacity of Galaxy SIV by 10-15% and tries to give more focus on Galaxy Note III.

South Korean Media also said that due to low sales of Galaxy S4,Samsung will focus on conversion of Single model to multi model system which will covered the market share of Samsung Galaxy S4.Samsung Galaxy S4 mini,Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE and Samsung Galaxy 4 active are the type of multi model system will be released in the second half of year


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