Monday, September 16, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Development starts scheduled to be launched in the First Quarter of 2014

According to Korean Media,Samsung has started development of Galaxy Gear 2 due to mixed responses of Galaxy Gear.The device would be possibly launched at CES or MWC2014

The device was not much upto expectation due to its compatibility with only one smartphone Note 3,poor battery life and its even hard for everyone to spend $299 on an accessory which completely depends on parent device.

The media sources said that Samsung launched First watch just to check the response of device in market while the upcoming sequel of wearable device will be much richer featured and co-operative as compared to current device.Some of the features confirmed by Korean media are that device will comes with GPS chip which will provide location data and it will also be compatible with many smartphones(possibly all Android Phones)

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