Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UAProf for Three Variants Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablets(GT-P3200,GT-P5200 andGT-P8200)

Few Days Ago,there was news in the market that Samsung is going to release three variants of Galaxy Tab 3 (GT-P3200,GT-P5200 and GT-P8200)but at that time many of us taking it as rumor.But now the above information is 100% authentic as UAProf For Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 confirms that Samsung is going to release three variants of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

According to UAProf GT-P3200 is a seven inch tablet model which comes with the resolution of 1024*600.
GT-P3200 is an affordable tablet which will compete with cheap tablets available in the market

GT-P3200 is a eight inch model with the resolution of 1280*800

GT-P8200 which is also known as Galaxy Tab 3 Plus is a 10 inch model with the same resolution as that of Nexus 10 which is 2500*1600.
Galaxy Note plus is expected to be showcased at MWC Held in Barcelona

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