Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ZTE Mozilla Smartphone will showcase at MWC2013

There were gossips in the market about Facebook phone, Mozilla phone.While the Facebook phone may not be existing till date,but Mozilla phone is now reality.The Mozilla phone is developed by ZTE Corp and the name of the phone is ZTE Mozilla and it will be showcase at MWC2013 held in Barcelona.

ZTE wants to reduce its dependence on Google's OS Android that's why ZTE partnered with other OS.
We may see many Firefox smartphones this year as Mozilla is already working with Qualcomm Inc and TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd.

Currently,Mozilla is developing Firefox OS for low end smartphones.So we can assume that the phone is targeted for developing markets.

The ZTE Mozilla Phone is first expected to launch in Brazil by local carrier Telef√≥nica and after that phone will be launched in weaker European Countries.The phone is most probably launched by Deutsche telecom in Europe.

Samsung the world's leading smartphone manufacturer also wants to reduce its dependence on Google's Android.So Samsung is also planning to launch a smartphone with Tizen OS.


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