Monday, February 11, 2013

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Passes The FCC Certification

Last May,Samsung had announced the Galaxy SIII which had in-built wireless charging capability,but Samsung didn't launch any official hardware which allows to use the feature of wireless charging.But now Samsung has officially planned to release the wireless charging pad for Samsung Galaxy SIII as confirmed by FCC.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Comes with a LED indicator,When you are charging the phone green light is continuously blinking and when the charging is complete the green light will stop blinking and remains in a steady phase.If there is any error in charging process,then red light will blink.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is expected to showcase at MWC2013 held in Barcelona.There is no information about the price of Samsung Wireless Charging Pad,but according to our sources,Samsung will Charge $100 for this Pad.

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