Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cheap Version Of Iphone Coming this June and would be called as iPhone mini or iPhone air

Apple's low cost iPhone which will be expected to be launched in June would be called as iPhone mini or iPhone Air According to Topeka Capital.The cheaper iPhone is mainly targeted to developing markets such as Brazil,Russia,China,India and South Africa or where the new growth opportunities are there.

The cheaper iPhone would be lighter in weight due to its plastic body and the price of the cheap iPhone will be around $250-$350 which is almost 50% lower than that of current iPhone 16GB model.This price would be really competitive as Chinese and Indian Smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi,Micromax,Karbonn And Lava provide high end phone experience at the prices of mid range phones.

Apple which is known for generating too much profit margins from its iPhone (approximately $300 from each iPhone) ,its profit margins would be reduced in the upcoming cheap plastic iphone.The cost of the production cheap iPhone would be around $180-$200.

No doubt,Apple's entry to low end market increases its sales volume but with the development of low cost iPhone the status of company would be declined which is known for generating huge profit margins from its products.

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