Thursday, December 20, 2012

Asus ME172V(Cheap Nexus 7) First Exposure Leaked

Existence of Asus ME172V,the cheaper tablet from Asus has been confirmed by image on picasa.

Asus which got success in tablet market by manufacturing the Google Nexus 7,is now developing lower priced Nexus 7 Tablet(Asus ME172V) for emerging markets

Asus has joined hands with Chinese Firm O-Film which with the help of GFF(Glass-Film-Film) Technology reduce the production costs and also makes ASUS ME172V thinner

Asus has paced the order of 500000 units to Chinese Firm

Specifications of Asus ME172V

  1. 7-inch screen with 1024*600 resolution
  2. Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  3. 1Ghz Processor (There is no indication of cores,but we expect single core due to its low price)
  4. Mali400 GPU
  5. microSD Support

The device will be expected to showcase at MWC2013 with a expected price tag of $99.With this price tag this device will compete with Cheap Indian Aakash tablet and other low price chinese tablets.

Update:According to Digitimes,the device will be launched by the end of First Quarter


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