Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fujitsu to launch its smartphones in European and U.S. Market by the mid of 2013

Deutsch: Logo von Fujitsu

Fujistu Limited,the number 1 phone maker of Japan to expand its smartphone business from homeland market to other foreign markets .

Its not the first time fujitsu tried its hands in foreign market,In 2003 fujitsu launched its mobile phone in China which was not successful.In November 2012,Fujitsu launched its medium end smartphone F-074 in India.

Fujitsu is already in talks with foreign carriers,while the name of the companies are not cleared yet.According to sources Fujitsu will utilize its raku-raku technology ,which means comfortable in Japanese to compete with other global smartphone manufacturers.Raku-Raku smartphones comes with customized User Interface over Android Operating system which gives you over-sized virtual buttons and large text on screen.
The phone's screen is also designed to prevent accidental presses .

While we expect the title of  number 1 phone maker of Japan could help the Fujitsu to establish its position in the foreign market


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