Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sony Mobile to leave Korean Market Next Year

According to the Korean Media,Sony Mobile will follow the steps of HTC and Motorola Mobility and shut down its operations in Korean Mobile Market by the end of year.

Currently Sony Mobile Korea and Sony Korea both are independent entities,but due to the poor sales of smartphone Sony mobile will integrate with Sony Korea.

There is no information how many employees are losing their jobs during merger.

In the online stores of LG U+,SK Telecom and KT,only one non-Korean mobile phone still being sold which is by apple.This shows the condition of Foreign manufacturers in Korean Market.

Korean Manufactures Samsung lg and pantech currently make up over 90 percent of the Korean mobile market

The world's largest seller of smartphones Samsung is also at top in Korean market,followed by the LG Mobile and Pantech. While apple is at number fourth in terms of sales in Korea.


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