Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amazon Kindle Smartphone with a price tag of $100-$200 will be released in the mid of 2013

According to Taiwanese media reports Amazon will launch its Kindle smartphone between the second and third quarter of 2013.

The phone will be manufactured by foxconn international holdings Ltd. and Amazon have ordered 5 million units.The device will be launched at the price tag of $100-$200.

The phone will likely run a highly customized version of Android,which will support Amazon Services too

The same news sources also confirmed that the New Amazon kindle fire will be launched at the third quarter of 2013 which will be manufactured by Quanta Computer inc. and Compel Electronics inc.

As a reminder Amazon was the first company to offer a tablet at $199,which effects the market share of Apple's iPad.

If the price of Kindle Smartphone will be really around $100-$200,then with the help of strong kindle brand this device will surely impact the sales of other Low Budget Android Devices and chinese smartphones.


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