Saturday, December 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II gets massive 6400mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy note II comes with multiview technology which will consume a lot of battery of your phone when you simultaneously watch movie and surfing web and even a 3100mAh battery of phone will looks very small.

But an awesome accessory has been released by Mugen Power,The accessory maker has released massive 6400mAh battery for Samsung Galaxy Note II which offers 2.06 times the battery life than the original battery.

Due to the increased capacity of battery,the size of battery is also large,So the battery comes with replacement cover and built in kickstand.

The built in kickstand allows you to watch movies on huge screen hands free
The replacement cover will be available in two colors:grey and white 
The battery will be available for shipping on December 21 and the price of battery is $98.95

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