Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to track the current location of your indian train on Google Maps

Indian Railways has launched the coolest thing which has made the life of rail passenger much easier by a new app called railradar
The app uses google maps that shows the current location of any train.
The Indian railways operates more than 10000 trains daily,but the service is available for 6500 trains now,but more trains will be added in future.

How to check the status of your train?
1) open
2)On the left side you will see the option search

3)click on the search and they will provide you two options:
a)check via train name or train number
b)Check via station name

I check the status for train number 14731

The blue light on the map indicates that train is on time ans the red light indicates that train is delayed.
The map also shows the total active trains and also shows the ratio of right and delayed trains.
You can also click on the train to see and a small pop-up will appear showing what time the train started, where it currently is and the status of the train.
The train data refresh every 5 minutes and the displayed location and running status of any trains displayed on the Google will always be delayed by at least 5 minutes.
The site also works on mobile phone and hopefully there will be a live dedicated app for this.

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