Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Samsung Full HD Amoled Panel Release date may be Postponed due to problem in mass production

Few days ago,there were rumors in the market,that Samsung had developed the Full HD Amoled Panels,which will be showcased in the CES2013 held in Las Vegas.

These panels will be used in Samsung Galaxy SIV and having pixel density of 441ppi

But according to a recent report from Digitimes,Samsung may not be able to showcase the Full HD Amoled Panels in CES2013 due to delay in mass production.

The delay in production is due to the lack of high technology,Samsung is facing difficulties in mass production of panels using evaporation process technology.

So,Samsung is using the LITI(Laser Induced Thermal Imaging) technology from 3M. However Samsung also facing problems with LITI especially in Blue Colored Material,which causes delay in mass production


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