Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Microsoft Surface Costs $599,but costs Microsoft only $284 to Build

According to tech research firm IHS,Microsoft Surface earns higher margin than Apple ipad mini

As it turned out, the cost of all the components of the 16-gigabyte version of the iPad mini with a Wi-Fi module is 188 dollars, and 10 dollars worth reassembly. Given the fact that the new product is sold in the U.S. for $ 329, Apple earns her $ 131. Moreover, it is the smallest margin among all variations of tablets. As, for example, a 32 GB version of the difference between the sum of components (+ assembly) and the final cost is 221 dollars, and 64 GB version - 293 dollars.

The most expensive component in the tablet is 7.9-inch display production LG Display and AU Optronics - $ 80 (about 40% of the total cost). It also emerged that the A5 chip in the device is still manufactured by Samsung (worth $ 13).

As for the tablet Microsoft Surface RT (32 GB version), here we are dealing with a higher cost - $ 271 for parts plus $ 13 for the assembly, total - $ 284. Thus, Microsoft earns from each drive about 215 dollars (minimum cost tablet - $ 499).

Cost of keyboard Touch Cover, which is bundled with a 599-dollar tablet - only $ 16, that is, in this version of Microsoft margin grows is up to 299 dollars. At 64 GB tablet (worth U.S. $ 699), the software giant to earn even more.

It is clear that in the calculated specialists IHS iSuppli cost not included logistics, advertising and other related expenses, but they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the final cost, so the "scale" of the two American companies profit can be estimated now. 

By the way, the cost of components 16 GB version of the tablet Nexus 7 with Wi-Fi module, IHS iSuppli estimated at $ 159, and the device is now sold for $ 199 , so, Google and ASUS almost nothing to earn it.

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