Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blackberry A10 Aristo Specifications Confirmed From Blackberry Internal Documents

Specs of the blackberry A10 aristo has also been leaked in past and from these it was expected that this will be the most powerful and largest blackberry phone ever,but at that time nothing was confirmed officially.This time an internal blackberry document leaked confirmed those leaks

The specifications we did not find any impressive as this is Blackberry Flagship smartphone for 2103-14.In present era 5 inch Full HD display and quad core processor are now common,but A10 comes with 720p density and 296ppi which is far away from 443ppi and Dual core Processor.

The camera of the smartphone is also 8Mpx which is also far away from competition as 13Mpx is standard these days.Other Specifications of device are 2800mAh battery,2GB RAM,16GB internal storage which can be expanded using upto 64GB microSD support.

The Phone also supports NFC and comes with Blackberry OS 10.2

The only thing which we find amazing is quad core graphics Processor for powerful and hardcore gaming.

The device is expected to be released in November


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