Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Samsung Officially announced the 3GB Mobile RAM

Yesterday Samsung electronics has officially announced Exynos 5420 Chipset and if believed in rumors this chipset will be used in galaxy Note III and now there is another announcement from company which states that company has started the mass production of 3GB RAM for mobiles and this RAM will be used in Note III

Samsung Memory division Vice President confirmed that RAM will be released by the end of year and this will be the world's thinnest RAM with only .8mm thickness.RAM is manufactured using Six 20nm 4Gigabit LDDR3 chips which are placed in a symmetrical structure of two sets of three chips stacked in asingle package with height of .8mm
This RAM connects with a mobile Application processor using two symmetrical data transfer channels each connects to 1.5GB storage part.

RAM will offer a data transfer speed upto 2133Mbps per pin
The company indicates that the sleeker design and large capacity battery could be a great combo which hints towards galaxy Note III


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