Monday, July 15, 2013

Samsung Got contract from Apple for production of A9 Chips used in iPhone 7

Samsung again got contract for the production of Application processor A9 for iDevices(most probably iPhone 7 which was launched in 2015).Samsung supplie Application Processor to Apple Since 2007,but this year lost contract to TSMC(World's no.1 Foundry)for supply of A8 chips which was manufactured on 20nm Process.

Apple which has reduced its dependency on Samsung due to patent issues and rivalry of companies in smartphone market and since last year due to this rivalry Apple has also stopped using DRAMS provided by Samsung in their iPhones.

But in some cases Apple couldn't avoid Samsung as its supplier for various parts due to its technology,pricing,production capacity and the current order which Samsung has regained from Apple is even due to its technology which is the production of A9 chips on 14nm manufacturing Process ahead of its rival TSMC

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