Friday, July 26, 2013

Cheap iPhone will be a refreshed version of iPhone 5

Cheap iPhone aka Budget iPhone will be a refreshed version of iPhone 5.Instead of adding another iPhone to its line-up the company will modify its current flagship iPhone 5.

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The company will give a colorful touch to iPhone and to reduce the cost of device the body and chasis is entirely made of plastic.While premium iPhone or next generation iPhone looks is almost similar to that of iPhone 5

The sources also said that Apple adopts this strategy to give competition to Samsung's low price Android smartphones.

Cheap iPhone will comes with price tag of $99 on two year contract and $349 for 16GB unlocked version
Refreshed iPhone 5 aka Budget iPhone aka Cheap iPhone and next generation new iPhone will be expected to be announced on September 18.While It is expected that on September 27 it is released in market

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