Monday, July 15, 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 will be announced by the end of August

Amazon Kindle Fire HD was widely appreciated by public and if we believed in reports it is the second most desired tablets line-up after Apple's iPad.Now the second generation Kindle Fire HD 2 will be announced by the end of August or the beginning of September according to Supply Chain Sources of Amazon from taiwan.

Amazon is preparing to launch three new Kindle HD 2 tablets and this will be replacement for current Kindle tablets and compal electronics(second largest contract laptop manufacturer) already received the orders to ship 1 million units of next gen tablet

major changes which are confirmed in Kindle Fire HD 2

1) change of screen resolution: 
  • Amazon kindle Fire HD 2 7 inch the entry level tablet comes with 1280*800 resolution 
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 another 7 inch tablet comes with 1920*1200 resolution
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 8.9 inch tablet with 2560*1600 resolution

2) Design Changes 

The corners are not rounded and there is angular design with flat slope out to the edges.While Volume and power buttons which are now present on sides are shifted to back to avoid accidental clicks.
The new tablets is also expected to be lighter than current version tablets

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