Monday, July 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III could be available in Four variants

Korean Sources which provides the latest information about Samsung and LG devices,Today claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note III will be available in four variants and in these four variants the hardware plateform and Applications is same,the only change will be in display module and camera module

In the premium version they use metallic body and Flexible OLED display which will reduce thickness by 30% and the use of 13Mpx rear camera.this model is mainly focused towards those people who want luxurious products

In the medium version there is Super Amoled Full HD display with plastic body and 13Mpx rear camera

Another model came with LCD Display and 13Mpx camera  and the use of plastic body and this model is mainly targeted for European countries

Last model comes with Amoled Full HD Display and is developed with cheap materials and features a 8Mpx camera,this model is particularly focused for price sensitive markets like China,India and Brazil.We can say it the cheap edition of Galaxy Note III

Rumored Same specifications for all models are:

  1. 5.67-5.7 Full HD display
  2. Snapdargon 800 chipset
  3. 3GB RAM
  4. Supports LTE-Advanced
  5. 13Mpx camera
  6. Android 4.2.2
The device is expected to be released on September 4

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