Saturday, October 20, 2012

Magic Vs Technology - Funny !!

Its an interesting question. What wins in a battle of Magic vs Technology. Sure a lot of people could say "Magic is magic there's just something about it that can't be beaten its mystical." But when you break it down how much different are there results?
I'll use Samus and Master Chief as examples of the technology side.
  • Magic Users can cast multitudes of projectiles. Fire, Ice, Lightning ect.
  • Samus can shoot Plasma, Ice, Wave ect.
  • Magic Users can cast Barriers to protect themselves.
  • Technology can grant advanced armors and shielding. Or even better the Lamda Driver which is a thought based energy shielding system.
  • Magical Abilities are powered by Mana.
  • Technology is powered by Energy/Electricity whatever.
  • Magic Users can use Stat changing abilities making the target stronger.
  • Technology can grant cybernetics, enhancements, steroids, Power Suits.
  • Magic Users can use Stat changing abilities making the target weaker
  • Technology has Chemical Warfare.
  • Magic users can create armies of soliders
  • Technology can clone armies of soliders

  • Magic users can manipulate minds
  • Technology can brain wash and also manipulate minds (Ex. Psi Emitters in Starcraft)
  • Magic users can be Psychic
  • Technology can grasp Psychic enhancements like the Ghosts in Starcraft, Zero System in Gundam Wing ect
To me Magic and Technology are pretty much even. Its just a matter of who posses the superior technology or magical abilities. A fireball to the face or a bullet to the head are both going to kill you. Its not like Magic or Technology is unbeatable anyways. The Zerg proved that when both Terran Technology and Protoss Magic/Technology were soundly defeated.
So lets get a good discussion here a balance on both sides. Pro's and Con's of Magic vs Technology. I think it could be interesting. But then again it might just not get one reply haha.
Pankaj Goyal
Have a Nice weekend...Readers.

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