Thursday, October 11, 2012

LG Nexus Will Launch On October 29

This below Information came from french publication Le Figaro.

Is this a sign of a sense of fairness to Google, anxious not to offend builders chose its Android operating system? Its next smartphone, the Nexus 4, this year will be manufactured by LG. The South Korean group succeeds compatriot Samsung, Google partner for the Nexus S (2011) and the Galaxy Nexus (2012), and Taiwan's HTC, which had produced the first Nexus (Nexus One, in 2010).
Like the three previous models of the Nexus, Nexus 4 is the result of a collaboration between Google and its partner. For Google, the Nexus should be the benchmark for other manufacturers of Android smartphones. Nexus 4 is actually based on one of the latest models of LG Optimus G. It should include a high definition display, an 8 megapixel camera, a Qualcomm S4 Pro and a wireless charging, as the latest Nokia Lumia 920, according to the website MoDaCo .

Samsung remains an important partner

Nexus 4 will be launched on October 29, told Le Figaro. In France, it will be marketed in early December. It might help LG to boost its sales. After a lackluster 2011, the South Korean manufacturer is already ironed occasionally above the 5% market share in some countries, including France, thanks to the L-range of smartphones released this year (L3, L5, L7 and L9), according to GfK data weekly. LG also plans to focus on its range of Android phones.The Korean does not launch new Windows 8 for now.

Range of smartphones Nexus, however, have never been major commercial successes. During the trial against Apple, Samsung said that Galaxy Nexus sales remained " tiny "in the United States. Without Nexus, Samsung remains an important partner for Google, since it is he who will produce its future high-end tablet . The first tablet model from Google, the Nexus 7, is itself produced by Asus.

Lastly there is some disappointing information,regarding the internal storage.It is being said that phone has only 8 GB of Internal storage and just like previous Nexus device there is no microSD card slot.If true,it will be an absolute poor decision on Google/LG's part.8 GB is too less for handset,that otherwise sports top notch specifications We honestly doubt Google/LG will ship the phone with so little memory and think this specification could be changed by the time the phone is announced.

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Tej Kohli said...

Its a good news. I think LG Nexus will have many wonderful features. We will wait for LG Nexus.