Sunday, October 7, 2012

Apple's Most Advanced Title Snatched By Nokia

At the Announcing event of Apple iPhone 5,Phil schiller has claimed that the iPhone 5 has the world's most advanced display till date.
It appears that Apple won the crown,but that might not be entirely true,as one Nokia phone is keen to point out.He did a spec by spec comparison of the iphone 5 and the lumia 920 and the latest apple phone did not really to manage impress there

Ok,Its Not the resolution nor the ppi

It's Not the size either

 Brightness?No...Outdoor performance?No..

 ...Wait, that is Nokia Lumia 900,not lumia 920?

 Ok then...what about Speed?

 And that means exactly... what?

Well,apple said the screen is now very sensitive!

I am afraid to ask,but what's the final score?


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