Monday, October 15, 2012

Sony Nexus X images leaked

This year Google is ready to give big surprise to its competitors,there might be something in rumor that multiple manufacturers will be offering Nexus phones.The Samsung galaxy nexus 2 rumor ends in a disappointing way.
But now there are two good looking photos of a Sony Made Nexus phone

Judging by the title of the two photos uploaded to Picasa, it's called Sony Nexus X. While the pics might be fakes, they are at least very realistic-looking fakes.

Unlike the LG design, the front of the Sony Nexus doesn’t look like the current Galaxy Nexus, going for a traditional rectangular Xperia design. The photo of the back also suggests an arc curve, another trademark Xperia design element.

The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio (again, unlike the LG Nexus, which goes for 16:10) and there are only on-screen buttons. There's no Sony logo on the front, just like there's no LG logo on the front of the LG Nexus phone or a Samsung logo on the current Galaxy Nexus.

On the back there's a camera of unknown resolution (the options are 8MP or 13MP) with LED flash and there are also a standard microUSB port and pogo pins visible on the side.

There's not much else we can tell from these photos (taken with a Galaxy Nexus by the way, to keep things meta), but we can look at the rumored specs for the Sony C650X 'Odin' and C660X 'Yuga' for inspiration.


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