Thursday, October 11, 2012

Purple Lens Glare in Apple Iphone 5 fixed by New Iphone 5 Cases

At least one accessory maker is hoping to pick up some business with what has been perceived as a shortcoming of the iPhone 5's camera.
Fotodiox, an Illinois-based company, has a new case out called the camHoodie ($24.95) that promises to "greatly reduce purple lens flare."
(Credit: fotodioxpro )

There's no magic behind that claim, just a piece of rubber that acts as a lens hood to keep stray light from coming in. It's held on by a case designed to keep the back and sides of the phone from getting nicked.
The issue in question is a purple color that typically shows up on the edges of photos when a light source is immediately nearby, though can occur even when the light is off frame. It can also affect both photos and videos. Some users began complaining about the issue just after Apple's new phone went on sale last month.
In a support document that went up over the weekend, Apple noted that "most small cameras" exhibit the effect when there's a nearby light source that's out of the frame. As part of a statement, the company said to readjust the camera, or block off light using your hand to get rid of any halos.
Here's the Fotodiox's before shot:
(Credit: fotodioxpro )
And the after, using the camHoodie (which I'm told does not randomly add humans):
(Credit: fotodioxpro )

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