Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple iPad Mini Prices leaked from MediaMarkt Store

There is no official announcement no official date for iPad Mini, But the device appears in the inventory of Germany's Biggest Retailer MediaMarkt with complete models and pricing information

In their inventory system the iPad mini comes in various capacities and the storage options starts from 8 GB and go all the way upto 64GB.The models comes in both black and white color.
So if the above list in the image is true,then customers have a wide range of options to choose from:

Apple iPad Mini 8 GB Wi-Fi: €249 ($323)
Apple iPad Mini 8 GB Wi-Fi and 3G: €349 ($452)

Apple iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi Mini:€349 ($452)
Apple iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi Mini and 3G: €449 ($582)

 Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi Mini: €449 ($582)
 Apple iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi Mini and 3g: €549 ($711)

Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi Mini: €549 ($711)
Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi Mini and 3G: €649 ($841)

With those prices, it seems that Apple isn’t all that concerned with competing with the Google Nexus 7 directly. The 8GB Nexus 7 only costs $199, remember, and Apple’s cheapest iPad Mini comes it at $323.

As the iPhone creator is keeping all things secret so we can't tell for sure whether these prices are real or not. So,we will still have to wait for the official confirmation from Apple which is rumored to happen on October 23.

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